Lindsey (brytespryte) wrote in glitterweb,


Does anyone know how to upload fonts onto a website? Is it just as simple as finding the file, zipping/compresing (and can someone tell me how to make a file a .zip file. I assume it isn't as easy as typing .zip, like you do with other things. Or may I don't have to zip them at all. I seen places that have fonts that you don't have to download as a .zip) it and than uploading that file to your server and posting a what? A link? I don't know what I am doing in regards to this, can anyone help me?

See I want to use 2-3 fonts that I downloaded off of another place on my site, and I want to have those fonts able to download for visitors who do not have them, so that they can see my site the way I intend it to look.

Ok, thanks.
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